Monday, December 27, 2010

Gingerbread Village.

We used a kit we bought at Walmart. It was fun but should have done a better job at it. It was our first time! O dpn't know if I want to attempt this again but you never know.


  1. It doesnt matter what it turns out like its all the love that was put into it that matters. and Im sure everyone enjoyed doing it. hugs

  2. We bought the same kit! We had one heck of a time with it! *LOL* If I try again next year I'm buying some better supplies for piping the icing on and such. Yours is way cute :)

  3. Thanks for the comments. You both made me feel better. I agree Amber, better supplies would have helped a lot. The icing needs better tools for piping it.
    My Grandson said " We don't have to decorate the houses like they did.. do we? So he decided what do use for embellishments. He does want to do it again next year. I hope I am up to it. LOL

  4. I love your village! I think it actually wonderful. I can imagine the smiles as it was being made!

  5. Yes, the supplies were fine for assembly, but hard to decorate with! I tried making the little holly leaves for the houses like they showed, and I cut the green things into 16 pieces and they were still too big, plus they were a sticky mess. My husband and I concluded they didn't even give us enough of certain supplies to do it EXACTLY as shown on the box. So... yeah... not you... unless we all just stink at this ;)

  6. That village is too cute. I hope you do it again next year. Thanks for the warning on the Gingerbread houses. Next year I will be making them with my students! :)

  7. I am doing a cricut cart give away. Feel free to check out my blog for details.

  8. I think you village is great. You are 100 times better than I am at it. I wouldn't dare post a picture of mine, it was awful. Plus, it doesn't matter it was made with love and from the heart, so that makes it beautiful. TFS


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