Friday, November 20, 2009

WW Christmas Villages

I used the WW cartridge I won from the Cricut 100th cartridge Contest. I am giving each of my children and their family a set. In the pictures I have 3 1/2 sets. I sitll need to make 4 houses to complete one of the sets. I am giving 3 of the sets on Thanksgiving to 3 of my children and their families and the 4th set I have to send to Hawaii where my oldest ds lives. I hope my dk's and gk's will all enjoy them as a Christmas decoration this year and the years to come.


  1. WOW!!! You are doing a fantastic job!!!! I won in week 3 I believe, and love this cart!! Excellent job! My Son is stationed in WY @ Warren AFB. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Lisa.. best wishes for your son in the military. Thank him for his service for me...

  3. These are wonderful!!!! What a great gift, they are going to love them.

  4. ohhhhhhhh my gosh! I can not imagine how long these took to do, however they are truely much detail in each of them!!!! what an amazing gift...they will be treasured! xoxo beecherrylady!

  5. How beautiful these look. What did you use for your snow?

  6. The snow is done with the Art Deco Snow writer. There is a glistening Art Deco Snow writer and I used that too but it is a sparkly clear. If used on white it looks like glistening snow. When used on a color CS the color shows through. Thanks for asking..

  7. I sure could use your help, I have been trying to comment but just can't get my comment to go through, but I can not get the insert to fit in the house, it comes out just a tad bigger than the outside. I am using a 12x12 mat and paper I tried a 4" size but it would not let it cut that size I had to dial it down to a 3 3/4 size. The insert still would not fit inside though. Any help would be greatly apprcieated I have to have 20 of these done! :\ by Sat.
    Thanks for any help you might send my way.
    Jeanie Yarbrough

  8. Jeanie.. Sorry I didn't see your post until today.. Are you cutting the Inside insert firs.. Cut fit to page then cut the outside the same size as the fit to page cut. Just not what size the first cut one was then set you dial size to that.. for the Expression. The baby Bug does not have Fit to Page so I just cut all cuts the same dial size and it works for me. I do hope it works for you..


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