Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Morning!

Posting for today.
I have to tell about my find yesterday. My husband and I went to the town next to us to get tags for our pickup. We checked out the thrift shops. At one of the shops, I found stampin up stamps, stamp pads and reinkers. I am a sucker for stampin up stamps and supplies. I found a big floral rose stamp and some scripture stamps. I look forward to using the scripture stamps on cards I make.
Today will be a real busy day for me. I will not get to work on those cards until the end of this month, so much to do. I love crafting but things must get done.
Happy crafting everyone!


  1. And where are the pics? I wanna see!!! LOL! Congrats on your find. Sounds awesome. Have fun playing.

  2. Yes, where are the pics of the stamps??? You must post pics of the cards when you do them.

    Oh, great find. I wish my thrift stores would have stuff like that.



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