Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good Morning!

No crafting for me today and probably no posting on my blog for a week. I have so much to do. My oldest Grandson plays football so I am going to watch a game he has tomorrow night. It is 120 miles to where they live so I will be gone a couple of days. I also will be doing some jobs around the house that need to be done. I wish I could craft every day but just can't.


  1. Well, ok then...
    but you have to promise to "think" of projects during your long drive!

  2. Hmmm.... Do you get a free pass? Sure, why not. I'm easy. Have fun. But do try and get back to posting as soon as you get back!

  3. Ok, you are off the hook. Not for the jobs around the house, but for your grandsons football game, yes. LOL

    Well look forward to your post at the end of the week.


  4. lol, what they said! hope your grandson's team wins, and think about stuff to make so you can post it when you do have time!


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